Stores and Other Programming

We have a variety of solutions for you!

E-Commerce Catalogs and Online Stores

  • Premade Stores vs Customized Stores
    • There are many different premade store scripts that can be incorporated into your website, as long as what they offer is compatible with your own needs.
    • Once you tell us your thoughts about how you would like to see your store, and what budget you would prefer to work within, we will provide you with options to find the best solution for your needs.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers you the best options for an online store!

Other Programming

Tell us what you need!

Examples of other Programming Functions

  • Custom calendar of events
  • "Membership" type websites with individual user logins
  • Online Reservations
  • ... we can accommodate a wide variety of requirements - contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and how best to work with them!

Affordable Web Design Ltd can accommodate a wide variety of programming requirements.

Client Responsibility

Affordable Web Design Ltd employs several experienced PHP programmers, the computer language most used in creating dynamic content in websites today. Because of the complexity of programming, we want to ensure that our clients understands that going back later to make function changes will be additional to any initial estimate.

Although it is possible to go back later and add functions, it becomes a little like making changes to a prebuilt house - the change or addition you are requesting could possibly affect a lot of other structural and other existing factors, such as where the initial wiring was, where the initial plumbing was, what was a structural wall, etc... Same for web development. If we need to go back "after the fact" and start adding functions, there could be a lot of other functions affected, which could have a "domino effect" from a timing point of view, and therefore cost.

We therefore encourage our clients to spend time deciding exactly how they want something to function: "I need my viewers to see this, this and this". We will take care of the technical aspects, but you need to envision your end product in laymen's terms since this is part of marketing your business. We will advise you based on prior experience with similar projects, so that together we can determine, before we start the project, exactly what needs to be done to achieve your stated needs but we want to be clear that additons to functions mean addition to costs.

Our Process

  • Before we begin, we will send the client an email detailing all the required functions and their related steps, as explained to us by the client and as per the initial quote.
  • Once the client has signed off on those requirements, our programmer will begin the project.
  • Should the client subsequently decide that they also need other functions, we will do our best to accommodate those functions but these will add to the original estimate.
  • We will give a new quote for the additional portion and it is up to the client whether they wish us to proceed with the additional work.

Your assigned "administrator"

When we incorporate customized programming modules into a client's website, we create what is considered a very user-friendly administration panel. The cost of programming include up to one hour of instruction on how to use the administration panel interface.

However, it is crucial that you yourself, or whoever you assign as your administrator, have at least some basic computer skills:

  • Basic knowledge of common computer functions, such as where to find files on your/their computer, how to upload files such as photos and .pdf files, copy and paste functions, etc.
  • Should you or your admin need further instructions beyond the initial first hour of instruction, whether in person or by phone, we will be happy to do so based on an additional time fee based on whatever extra time is needed.
  • Should the client change administrators and training is once again needed, additional instruction is available at our normal hourly time fee.

User Error

In situations where Affordable Web Design Ltd has incorporated any programming into the website, we will ensure that everything is in good working order. However, should a problem occur which has been caused by the client uploading a corrupted file, or some other kind of user error, we will help solve any issue but must charge for the programmer's time to troubleshoot.

Older Programming Modules in Existing Sites

Technological advances in servers, software, and other computer-related situations can sometimes cause older programming to no longer be compatible with modern software. Although we use the latest technology at the time of working on your project, we are not responsible for changes in techology affecting any programming which could potentially happen over the years. We will be happy to try to rectify any issues, but will charge the current hourly rate to do so.

Affordable Web Design Ltd can accommodate a wide variety of programming requirements.