About Affordable WEb Network, affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd offering web design and development for almost 30 years.

General Policies & Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with our Affordable Web Network policies.

So that everyone is fully aware of the various facets of web design and other parts of our services, we request that all our potential, new and existing clients emsure reading the following carefully.

Getting a business web design can be a daunting task, depending on the level of understanding and knowledge a client may have with regards to all the facets involved in the completion of a web project, so we want everyone to understand the steps.

Hiring Affordable Web Design Ltd to create and develop your website implies consent to all our policies and procedures. We therefore ask that you read it carefully and please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Important to Note

We at Affordable Web Design Ltd do our best to help our clients every step of the way. However it is important for the client to understand that all estimates are based on time quotes, and any changes to the originally discussed project details may potentially affect the original cost estimate.

Initial Estimate

  • When we first give an estimate, it is based on the average time our experience has shown us that the type of requirements you have described to us generally takes.
  • All our estimates are based on receiving all your text and images once only. If a customer wishes to changes their initial text or images and this exceeds our original time estimate, additional charges will be based on our hourly rate.
  • >Any changes or additions to what was originally discussed may require extra time, and you will receive a revised estimate taking into account any such possible time changes before we start any additional work, if it is possible.
  • Initial " Ballpark Estimates" for programming are general estimates only. Actual time needed depends on the complexity of the project.
  • Estimates are based on the client's full explanation of requirements, including all " end results" they want to achieve.
  • If the client's new requirements, known in the industry as " feature creep", push us beyond the original time estimate, we are happy to do any requested extra work, however the additional time will be billed based on our normal hourly rate.

Consultation and other Support

  • Consultation regarding content, marketing help, writing or changing of website content, or help with normal computer functions not related to web design or hosting, whether in person, via telephone, or via email, is provided by our staff but may also be charged out on an hourly basis if it causes us to go over the originally estimated timeframe.
  • Such consultation, whether by phone or in person, is considered part of the original timeframe estimate for the project. Any glitches or errors on our part will of course be addressed and are never a part of any extra charge.
Please read our Affordable Web Design Ltd general policy so that there are no surprises.