Full service custom web design and development firm!

Affordable Web Network is a division of Affordable Web Design Ltd.

We are a full-time Canadian web firm providing effective internet presence to all businesses - from one-person businesses to large companies or organizations since 1996!

The world of web can be a very confusing place for those who aren't used to it - lots of questions to ask when considering a website for your business, no matter what size of business you own! You see ads all the time about how easy it is.... how you can have a website inside of an hour... do it yourself...etc. These ads are missing the words "effective web presence". Unfortunately, throwing pretty pictures onto a page does not constitute a business website which will bring you potential clients! And "throwing those pictures on" involves a whole lot more than most people bargain for!

If the answer is YES to ANY of the following questions, contact Affordable Web Design Ltd today and start your journedy to an effective web presence!

  • Need a low cost online brochure-type small website?
  • Need an 8-10 page larger site that doesn't look &cookie cutter&?
  • Need a large custom site at affordable prices?
  • Need something you can look after yourself easily?
  • Need other web development that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
  • Need social media sites set up for you, and even updated on a regular basis?
  • Need marketing help, from logos to brochures, to labels, and more?
  • Need help writing your content? We offer general content help at no cost
  • Need someone to write all your content? We offer full writing services at lower than industry average pricing!

Are all web designers alike?

No they are not. A custom designer creates a web design based on your needs and your preferences. Many people calling themselves web designers only use premade one-size-fits-all templates. Yes technically they can make a nice looking website, but inside, it's probably missing a lot of important "stuff". However they will often charge a lot more than we do for a fully customized design!

Our designs are simple and straightforward, easy to navigate and incorporate everything necessary to attract potential customers to your website, including "all the right stuff" to help you be found in internet searches. We listen to your wants and needs, then we create a website with all the elements you asked for, all at super competitive pricing!

How do I maintain my website?

At Affordable Web Network, we offer different methods for looking after your web changes:

  • WE DO IT: Just send us an email with your changes when you have them and we will complete them quickly. We only charge for the time it takes to make the changes.
  • YOU DO IT (only very basic computer knowledge required): we have developed our own very easy to use Content Management System and you don't need a high level of computer knowledge to work with it.

Online Store Websites

Affordable Web Network, a division of Affordable Web Design Ltd, offers many different solutions for selling online, based on your stated budget.

  1. Our own easy-to-use online store design has been developed to allow you to maintain your custom store through our very simple and straightforward administration panel, designed for every level of computer user.
  2. We can incorporate premade template-based store software - somewhat restrictive but a possible solution for those with very low budgets.

Contact us to discuss your needs sp that we can recommend the best solution for your project.

Other Programming Needs

We can also accommodate any interactive needs you might have -

  • Do you need an event site where you want users to sign up?
  • Do you need a "real estate" type of site showing details of your facility, such as a bed & breakfast, hotel, house for sale, etc?
  • Looking for an online calendar or anything else?
  • Because our knowledgeable programmers can produce the best results for any requirement, we can accommodate just about any request you might have!

Contact Affordable Web Network to discuss your needs. We offer free estimate so that we can give you an idea of costs for your requested project.


5-page starter sites are template-based designs which give your small business an "online brochure" style of web presence.

This entry level 4-page starter is perfect as a virtual online brochure. We do the design, you don't need to do anything except tell us about your business, give us a bit of content and a few pictures. Basic but gets your name out there! The $649.99 cost includes your first full year of hosting on our servers, a $120 value.


Affordable Web Design offers custom websites and interactive functions based on your needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution

This is our most popular type and price point of website. Starting at $1800 + tax and based on about 10 pages, these fully customized designs are designed just for you. Build on this base! Add more pages, or a store or any other online functions you need! Because we are custom developers, just ask us for whatever you need!


This option adds an easy-to-use content management system to our basic custom design. At $2499.99, it's a great value. We give you a customized, mobile-friendly 10-12 page design which includes a unique layout to attract your potential customers, as well as SEO to attract internet searches, and you can maintain it yourself once we're done.

Check out our many services. Click on the boxes to read more about each individual service and we look forward to you contacting us! Please note that all estimated costs are plus applicable taxes, depending on location of customer.


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